T h e  O  S c u l p t u r e

A brief commentary on some ideas behind “The O Sculpture”

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  Alcides Flores Mendez  

Sculpture in on Display at Federation Square

Jun 20, 2009

Federation Square, Winter Solstice 2009 













Illusions and Metaphors

The Mayan Ball Game


Mayan and Aztec cultures played a ballgame perhaps a metaphor as to the movement of their ruling astral bodies and to the cycles of life in general.

The word Maya is alleged to means illusion, we are born into illusion what we know as reality is a deception.

The O sculpture among other things is, a ring for Mayan games; games of illusion.

Following illusions and deceptions the ring is made of foam but painted to appear as if it was made of metal, its base is terracotta painted wood. The various symbols and images that compose the O sculpture needs you to imagine parts that are not present but are there only insinuated in its design.

I like to think of light in terms of knowledge and understanding of humans and nature and that which illuminates all that we do. The pursuit of knowledge is the search for light.

It is human nature to be playful, with nature, its elements and our ideas of both.

It is also human nature to create meaning, where there is none. Perhaps the trademark of intelligence is to do so.

 The Snake eating its own tail, Unity.

Ouroboros / The Serpent

The serpent in Mayan mythology was a symbol of the cycles of birth and rebirth, which celestial bodies went though. Trough Mesoamerica the feathered snake, Quetzalcoatl is well known for its many legends.

The Ouroboros used in alchemy as a symbol of eternal cycles, hermeticism, unity and reflection.

To Australian aboriginals the Rainbow Serpent is portrayed in many stories in relation to the sun, water and land.   

Plato described the first thing in the universe as a self eating circular animal. 

The caduceus the wand of Hermes two entwined serpents as in a double helix.   

 Solstice & Equinox.

The Cross

The Solstices and Equinoxes have being marked by a cross that points their location in related to the sun. Seasons changing as the celestial cycles are being fulfilled as they have in antiquity.  

Some Australian aboriginal tribes follow the change in season as identified by the changes in their environment, some follow 8 different seasons each year.    

At the head of the snake is Aquarius the new ruling constellation coming into place flowing Pisces.

The Sun

 The sun cross is a cross inside a circle incidentally the nature of the sun is to radiate electromagnetic energy, shifting its charge every 7 days in relation to earths own movement. One sun day is one earth month a month coincides in four weeks which coincide with the suns energy shifting every 7 earth days. A cross section of the suns equator would give us a four section diagram.

 Tata Pebble

A cross made by Neanderthal men over 70,000 years ago. The Tata pebble is the oldest image known. It predates any other art work by 35,000 years. We could be safe to assume that the cross is one of the most ancient symbols. Who knows what Neanderthals interpretation was but the cross has certainly captured the imagination of at least two known species.


The Unicursal Hexagram. 

Sacred Geometry

The Unicursal Hexagram, a six pointed star made by one single continuous line. Where the points would touch a circle surrounding it and two circles of equal diameter touching in the center would intersect were the lateral meet.  The symbolized the solar system and a higher level of consciousness that eventually elevates the individual to a supreme being. For the cabbalists it is an element in sacred geometry, the merkabah in the solfeggio cube.

Maltese Cross

A Cross made by two intersecting Unicursal Hexagrams looks like the Maltese cross. The cross use by the Knights of Malta it has being said to have eight points that refer to Loyalty, Piety, Generosity, Bravery, Glory and Honor, Contempt of death, Helpfulness towards the poor and sick and Observance of the faith.   

The cross perhaps deals primarily with being hospitable towards others. The ideal of such conduct may help shape the character of individuals to be of greater service to themselves and others. An idea worth mentioning as that of the cross used.

Faith, Hope and Charity / The Flourished Cross


The Flourished Cross having four Fler-de-lis flowers at each end having three petals each with each point referring namely to Faith, Hope and Charity they blend to form the beginnings of feathers on the back of the Quetzalcoatl snake. 


The End of Time 2012

Mayan concepts of time 


The beginning of the 6th Sun, the end of the Mayan log count is on 21 of December 2012. 

Very soon we will enter the new cycle currently at the mouth of the sake.




The Globus Cruciger "The Head of the Snake"

Knowledge, Power, "The all seeing eye"


Also "The Globus Cruciger" a symbol of power; placed at the head of the snake looking at the rejuvenation of reason and nature. A smaller six pointed star as the union of spirit and matter.

The eye alone is an inverted Tau Cross or Egyptian Cross which is 

related to the second coming, sacrifice and alchemy. 


 Geometry, The Key

Keeping it all together

The keystone is a stone placed at the top of an arch, here placed symbolically as crowning a gate of four different arches made by the solstices and equinoxes combining many ideas together.


A letter that resembles a snake eating its tail  

Geometry, God, etc.

The O sculpture when turned upside down and to the side it reveals a uniting common element the G geometry the key as to the cycles and patterns enveloping us.